Medical Catheter Types

Here is a sampling of some of the many different types of catheters that may be advanced into the body using a guidewire. Guidewire applications and specifications need to take into account the type, material and size of the catheter used and the anatomy that needs to be navigated on the way to the procedure site. We provide custom Guidewire solutions to many OEMs for these and many more.

Angiographic Catheter
Atherectomy Catheter
Balloon Catheter
Cardiac Catheter
Central Venous Catheter
Double Channel Catheter; Double-Lumen Catheter
Elbowed Catheter
Electrode Catheter
Female Catheter
Fluid-Filled Catheter
Foley Catheter
Gouley Catheter

Gruentzig Balloon Catheter
In-Dwelling Catheter
Pacing Catheter
Prostatic Catheter
Self-Retaining Catheter
Snare Catheter
Swan-Ganz Catheter
Tenckhoff Catheter
Tiemann Catheter
Toposcopic Catheter
Two-Way Catheter
Ureteral Catheter
Urethral Catheter
Winged Catheter